Signing Time Classes


Why take Baby Signing Time classes?

Through music, movement, and signing learn to communicate with your infant before they can talk.

What are the benefits of teaching sign language to your infant/child?

  • The biggest benefit is a significant reduction in frustration
    “Terrible twos” aren’t so terrible
  • Signing children are less likely to push, bite, or throw a tantrum
  • Overcome communication barriers with your toddler

Research shows that toddlers who use sign language:

  • May learn to talk sooner
  • Understand and use more words
  • Use longer sentences
  • May feel more secure and confident
  • Get a long lasting boost in cognitive skills

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Whether you’re already signing or want to see what it’s all about, join us for a drop in class each month!

Curriculum classes are 16 weeks

Geared towards 4 months to 2 years although ages 0 – 5 will benefit and enjoy the classes just as much.

Classes start in September 2017
Date and time TBA

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