Registered Midwives are trained to provide safe and personalised healthcare to low risk women throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, including care for mom and baby up until around 6 weeks postpartum.  Midwives strive to provide care within a framework of informed choice, continuity of care and choice of birthplace.  Research has shown that midwifery care is safe and may promote greater satisfaction with birth experience and lower rates of medical interventions such as vacuums, forceps and caesarean deliveries.

As primary health care providers we can order your lab tests and ultrasounds, prescribe certain medications, and make necessary referrals to other healthcare providers. We have privileges at Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Chilliwack General Hospital where we have positive working relationships with physicians, nurses and hospital staff. Midwifery care in BC is covered my MSP.

We provide midwifery services to women from Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and East Langley (East of 248th street).  Midwifery clients receive visits at home over the first week postpartum to help ensure mom and baby are both well and thriving.

Midwives support low risk women in their choice to have a homebirth. However approximately 70% of our clients chose to birth in hospital with the support of a midwife.