Why take Birthing from Within Classes?

labHaving been a midwife for several years (and a doula for many years before that) I have had the honor and privilege of attending, and witnessing hundreds of births. Every labor and birth is different with their own challenges and joys, but after being part of so many parents’ journeys, I have also seen the similarities. I have discovered that:

  • People in labor have an inner core of tremendous strength.
  • In every birth, there will be moments of doubt, fear, courage, and faith.
  • In those moments of doubt and fear, it is not medical information that is helpful; what is helpful is tapping into one’s inner resources and receiving present, consistent support.
  • Pain is an inevitable part of childbirth (regardless of whether one uses pain medication or not). What is avoidable however, is suffering. Suffering comes from that part of the brain that makes up a story about what we are experiencing.
  • Any birth, whether vaginal, instrumental, cesearean, with or without pain medication can feel rewarding, empowering, disheartening, and terrifying.
  • Most elements of birth are not in anyone’s control, but we can be in control of our thoughts, and actions.
  • Emotional birth trauma can occur for many reasons, one of which can be but is not always, unexpected, un-wished for/and or excessive medical intervention. Other very common seeds of birth trauma are unmet promises and expectations, relationship changes/feelings of betrayal, overwhelming physical sensations, and the lack of a constructive way of processing one’s birth story.
  • Parents who have built a mindset of doing ‘The Next Best Thing’, who create a story for themselves that is built on compassion and love for themselves, can and do find power and beauty in any birth.

It was therefore essential for me to mentor a class that mirrored what parents have taught me about birth. Birthing From Within Classes fit this mold and offer a balanced approach to childbirth education that as a midwife, I feel truly prepares families for childbirth and even parenting and beyond.

Research has shown us that people learn in a variety of different ways, some people are more visual learners, others need to ‘do’ to learn, and others need to listen. We’ve also discovered that the best decision making comes from when both the left-side of the brain(the analytic, conscious side) and the right-side (the intuitive, creative, sometimes more subconscious side) work together to make decisions. Because of this, Birthing From Within classes integrate intuitive knowledge with practical information. We use a variety of learning mediums such as small discussion, art expression, storytelling, and videos. We also spend a large portion of the class learning pain- coping techniques in order to build a pain-coping and solution focused mindset.

Another Birthing From Within Mentor based in Seattle describes Birthing From Within Classes beautifully.

Classes are limited to 5 couples which allow us the unique opportunity to be able to personalize the class to your needs and interest.

~ A little more on birth art~ Yes, we often do some form of art expression in Birthing From Within classes. You may be wondering what art has to do with childbirth preparation. You may be thinking, “I’m not an artist, I don’t want others to see what I draw”. Please read this article to learn how art is a beneficial and important part of childbirth preparation.

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